Effective communication without emotional well-being is the past. Meetings with asya feel different.

  • Practice to communicate effectively

  • Improve team emotional intelligence skills

  • Create trust 

  • Resolve conflict situations with awareness training

  • Create an environement for world class language

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At work meetings, we often choose our words automatically, without thinking. Or we talk too much. Or we listen poorly. However, meetings at work help us resolve problems, discuss opportunities and plan for the future. 

Asya helps you gain an advantage in workplace meetings by having more awareness of your listening skills. Or, learn to bring more awareness into the everyday words you use to speak more of the world class language that will help you close more sales.

As you learn to master brevity, you start to bring about a new awareness to explain complex ideas with simplicity that leads to more effective communication.


Where to hold a mindful workplace conversation?

  • Brainstorm session

  • Weekly planning meeting

  • One on one status conversation

  • Skype or Zoom call meeting

  • Internal team discussion

  • Chat at the water cooler