Nowadays people can be alone together, but asya helps people be present with each other.

  • Create meaningful conversations

  • Improve relationships quality 

  • Make others feel great around you

  • Improve emotional well-being


If you could describe your conversations with your friends or close family, would you describe them as fast, sarcastic or maybe bossy? Or would you describe them as radiating warmth, full of light-hearted moments and support.

Do you feel you could have better conversations? Everyone will experience mindless moments where we say things we regret, but we can change that. We can improve and become better versions of ourselves.

With asya you can improve relationships with your friends, parents, children or spouse by having a dedicated time to have mindful conversation. You can increase trust, empathy and emotional well-being. Create long-lasting connections.

By staying present and aware of your listening time, brevity, words you choose and other metrics, you train yourself to connect with others in a new way.


Where to have a mindful conversation?


Beautiful park bench chat

Death_to_stock_photography_Wake_Up_8 copy.jpg

Eat breakfast and chat


In a peaceful spot chat


A Peacful coffee shop chat


Dinner at candle light & chat