Ethical Artifical Intelligence

The future belongs to artificial intelligence products that empower people to be better humans, more capable version of themselves.

We believe that by design AI should be a technology that makes people more powerful, capable and healthy.

With this in mind, we believe privacy is a human right.
Asya gives you full control of your data.


Privacy by Design

Asya does not store any recordings of mindful conversations. Your mindful conversations are automatically deleted after each session unless you want to use them to improve your personal artificial intelligence tracking accuracy.

None of the mindful conversations are transcribed into text. Asya artificial intelligence uses biometric features from the user's voice and therefore doesn't need to use text-based recognition.

Asya is focused on giving the user a unique value of conversational insights. Our business model is focused purely on membership subscription. Unlike other companies, we do not collect data for advertising purposes. We don't store mindful conversation recordings and we will never sell any data or try to profit from it.