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Similar to how fitness trackers give you real-time feedback on your performance during and after a workout, Asya listens to your voice and provides analytics on the way you interact with others.


Real time metrics.

See in real time your listening ratio, brevity, pace, pauses and other metrics.


Activity cards —
learn about your

Learn and improve every time with
tips by asya based on your metrics.

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Weekly overview of your conversation habits.

Track how much you have spent being mindful with others and reach your relationships goals.

Mindful communication


As we bring our attention back to the present moment we notice many aspects of our communication that we didn’t see before.

If we want to genuinely connect with other people, if we want to have strong success with people, then being fully present in the conversations is the key.

Mindful communication is about being aware of the choices we are making and of our thinking and reasoning.

We develop strong listening skills that lead to empathy. On top of that, we improve the structure of our thoughts to say things with simplicity. We are in control of our emotions and use them in a thoughtful way.

As a result, every word has more impact on our own lives and
on the people we talk to.

Words have the power to harm or heal, to inspire or criticize. As we grow in the art of mindful communication we become more charismatic and develop great success with people in our daily lives and at work.


How it works?

Asya listens to your voice and gives private feedback
about the way you communicate with others.



Asya app gives you private feedback on how well you listen to others.


Become a better speaker as you gain awareness of your brevity metrics. Train yourself to talk less, but say more.

Emotions (Coming soon)

Get unique insights about the tone of your communication. Learn about emotional intelligence metrics with deep AI technology.

It takes one session of mindful communication
to see a noticeable improvement in the way you talk to others.


Meaningful relationships

As you practice mindful communication with your friends or colleagues, the benefits of deep listening, choosing words with high awareness and being present all lead to a simple result — better relationships.

Power of words

Today is a miniature version of our lives. The words we choose, define the reality that we see. Choose words of opportunity and energy and that's what you see more in your life. Awareness leads to better choices of the words we use.

Present moment

Being now, not somewhere else is something a lot of people have lost. However, the core aspect of charisma is the ability to be comfortable with yourself when you're around others. By practicing mindful communication, you develop a new awareness of being here and now.

Emotional Intelligence

Do you know how your voice comes across? Is it dominant, sounding like you're taking others space or you're radiating warmth and compassion through your voice. Emotional intelligence leads to better decisions about not just how to say things, but also why do we say them in those ways.


World's First Real time Visual Conversation

We've created the world's first real time visual conversation
with the power of artificial intelligence.

Your conversation is growing the flower as you become
a better listener, talk slower, take pauses before you speak
and have control over the emotional tone of your voice.

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Digital Age

As we look at the world today it seems that we are more connected than ever, yet somehow we are also more disconnected from each other. 

There are new studies every year about the effects that are caused by living in the digital age.

Canadian researchers found that the digital age has created a state where human attention span has decreased by 30% in just 15 years from 12 Sec in 2000 to 8 Sec in 2015.

A 2017 Harvard Business Review report showed that the use of social media may detract from face-to-face relationships and erode self-esteem through unfavorable social comparison.

Social media has created an “Empathy Gap” effect where young people are unable to develop social skills of empathy due to their need for constant entertainment. Furthermore, new research is pointing to the correlation between social media use and mental health issues spanning anxiety and depression.

It might seem surreal, but nowadays people can be alone together.

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We change the way people talk to each other


Ethical Artifical Intelligence

The future belongs to artificial intelligence products that empower people to be better humans, more capable version of themselves.

We believe that by design AI should be a technology that makes people more powerful, capable and healthy.

With this in mind, we believe privacy is a human right.
Asya gives you full control of your data.


Privacy by Design

Asya does not store any recordings of mindful conversations. Your mindful conversations are automatically deleted after each session unless you want to use them to improve your personal artificial intelligence tracking accuracy.

None of the mindful conversations are transcribed into text. Asya artificial intelligence uses biometric features from the user's voice and therefore doesn't need to use text-based recognition.

Asya is focused on giving the user a unique value of conversational insights. Our business model is focused purely on membership subscription. Unlike other companies, we do not collect data for advertising purposes. We don't store mindful conversation recordings and we will never sell any data or try to profit from it.